Sunday, June 5, 2011

Emilee's Star

Here is a quilt that I just finished for Emilee's family.  Emilee had Alexander's Disease.  This is a very rare disease of the white matter of the brain.  Her brother goes to school with my granddaughter.  Making this very sad situation very strange is that my grandson Oliver also has this disease.  He was diagnosed a few months before Emilee was.  They are both similar ages-two going on three.  They are both adorable children who don't deserve this terrible disease.  No one deserves it.  More information can be found at the United  Leukodystrophy Foundation  .  This quilt was made to raffle so funds can be raised to help with the huge cost of medical care for Emilee.  Here is Emilee's website-Prayers for Emilee.  Oliver does not have a web site, but he does have a group on Facebook also requesting prayers.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt!!

Three Sisterz said...

the colors are so vibrant and gorgeous. i just adore how you quilted the word 'love' on it. i've never seen that before. what a beautiful gift. she must feel so loved to see that written on her quilt!