Monday, January 4, 2016


I always think that the latest Bonnie Hunter quilt is my favorite, and that is the case again this year.  I stepped out of my comfort zone and changed my colors to some of my favorite colors-coral, green and yellow.  I am very pleased with how Allietare turned out with my color changes.  I also loved seeing all the quilts made with Bonnie's colors, so I also made the units for the original colors.  I only made half the units in this color way.  I added 25% more in my color way because I wanted to make it queen size.

It is kind of dark in my sewing room, so you can't see the real effect of my colors.  They aren't quite this soft looking.

I only made four blocks in the red and gold colors.  I realized that the gold four square units were red in mine.  I decided to keep them.  This is such a pretty quilt that I don't think they detract from the overall look.  What a difference the fabric selection makes on the overall look of the quilt.  I love them both.

Now I have to decide on the borders.  I was thinking of the green instead of the yellow for the inner border, but I think I might use the blue instead and use the green for the outer border.

So if anyone sees this, what do you think?  Do you think these two colors reversed on the quilt for the borders will look good?
 Here is the link to Quiltsville's link up for the reveal of Allietare.  Mystery link up-the reveal.