Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It's about time

It's about time I post again to keep track of my work.  I finished my Allietare quilts.  The coral one is now being used on my bed. I made this larger than Bonnie Hunter's pattern.   The red and gold one was gifted to grandson Elijah.

There are a lot of babies due this Spring.  Two out of five are born.  Here are the five quilts that I made for them.

Fancy Forrest for my nephew's son Houston.  He was born in March.  This quilt pattern was so much fun to make.  I don't like cutting the fabric, and that was even fun.
 Fancy Forrest for my niece's son (Hudson-will find out after he is born if it stays that.) He is due the beginning of June.
 A simple gray and white quilt for my other niece.  She is due in July and doesn't know the sex of the baby.
 This quilt was made out of flannel-very soft.  For a girl at work.
 This is a disappearing four patch for another girl at work due the beginning of June.

This is a Smith Mountain Morning quilt that I made for my son Kyle out of his BDU's that he wore while in Iraq.  
I just finished this charm pack tote last night.  This will be a birthday present for my aunt.
 This is a scaled down version of the Quattro bag that I made for Madison.  It is 1/3 size smaller than the original and was the perfect size for her.
These are the full size bags that I made with the Quattro pattern.   I searched for over a year to find a fabric I wanted to use, then even longer to find the coordinating prints, and then even longer to find the time to actually make the pattern.  I love how they turned out.  This is the front of mine.
 and the back.
 The front of Sarah's.
 And the back.  I don't want to make more of these any time soon.  The worst part was putting the base on.  There were so many layers it was difficult to  get that attached just right.
Now I have a Moda Bake Shop quilt-Chain of Faith by Jo Kramer-to make for a friend of my daughter. I also want to make The Convoy quilt for Josiah's birthday in August.  Sarah wants Micah to get the full size of the Fancy Forrest quilt for his birthday.  I think that won't happen.  He will only be one and definitely not ready for a quilt that size.  Maybe for his third birthday.
I want to finish some of my UFO's too.  I have plenty of those.  My quilt club is also working on a medallion quilt.  I liked mine until this last round.  Now I will have to do something to it on the next rounds so I like it again.  Here is a picture of that. I think I need to brighten it up and add more pink again.  I think there are three more rounds left for this.  I think that is about all for this year so far.  My knitting has fallen to the wayside.  I am working on the Hitchhiker scarf and haven't picked up my needles since I don't remember when.