Monday, January 4, 2016


I always think that the latest Bonnie Hunter quilt is my favorite, and that is the case again this year.  I stepped out of my comfort zone and changed my colors to some of my favorite colors-coral, green and yellow.  I am very pleased with how Allietare turned out with my color changes.  I also loved seeing all the quilts made with Bonnie's colors, so I also made the units for the original colors.  I only made half the units in this color way.  I added 25% more in my color way because I wanted to make it queen size.

It is kind of dark in my sewing room, so you can't see the real effect of my colors.  They aren't quite this soft looking.

I only made four blocks in the red and gold colors.  I realized that the gold four square units were red in mine.  I decided to keep them.  This is such a pretty quilt that I don't think they detract from the overall look.  What a difference the fabric selection makes on the overall look of the quilt.  I love them both.

Now I have to decide on the borders.  I was thinking of the green instead of the yellow for the inner border, but I think I might use the blue instead and use the green for the outer border.

So if anyone sees this, what do you think?  Do you think these two colors reversed on the quilt for the borders will look good?
 Here is the link to Quiltsville's link up for the reveal of Allietare.  Mystery link up-the reveal.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

December 2015

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!  We had a warm one this year.  I loved it.  We saw most of the kids and grand kids on Christmas day and will see the rest of them today.  Our family is growing and we had two little ones celebrating their first Christmas this year.  Of course they had to get Christmas stockings.  I used Kate Spain's fabric again and made mini tumbler stockings for them.

This is going to be another hodge podge type post.  Trying to get one more in before the end of the year.  These are two market type  bags I made for quilt club.  They were very easy to make and roll up very small for shopping until they are needed.  I am using one of them now for knitting.

While I love working from home, I do miss out on the socialization at the office.  I found out they were having a baby shower for a lady who works at the office.  I don't know her and didn't even know anyone was pregnant.  I love making baby quilts and thought this one would be easy and quick.  I was wrong on both fronts!  It took me a while to figure out the angles and the layout for this.  It is hard to see, but I used a variety of floral prints.  I was pretty happy with how it turned out.

 My husband and I went fabric shopping last spring.  He bought more fabric than I did and he doesn't sew or quilt.  I struggled with this quilt because I wasn't crazy about the fabric and my husband just wanted the quilt to be the panel with borders of the different ford fabrics.  It just wasn't working for me.  I ended up having to use pinwheels for the one fabric because it just didn't work as a border.  My husband loves it.  That is all that matters.

Here are our two babies.  I knit three sweaters for Christmas presents this year.  I am working on a fourth one because I just didn't like the way the third one turned out.  It just was too big and didn't look proportionate to me.  That one was for Josiah, my two year old grandson.  This is AJ in his sweater.  It is actually a pea coat.  He wasn't very happy with the hood on and it was too warm for the coat in the house.

And this is Micah in his.  He is a little bit happier in it.  You can't really tell what they look like since neither of these guys stands yet.  Hopefully when Josiah gets his I will be able to get a nicer picture.Nicer picture of the pea coat.  I think the baby is adorable!

This was another Christmas present that I was working on.  I was amazed that I finished it and it arrived at its destination before Christmas.  This is for my aunt who visited us this fall.  She showed me a fabric in my stash that was the color of her bedroom.  I ordered this fabric to match that fabric and when it arrived it wasn't even close.  I worried about that and thought I should get a different fabric.  This is a king size quilt, so I had to buy a lot of fabric and didn't want this in my stash, so I decided to go ahead and hope that it wouldn't clash with the room.  I was told that it matched the color of their tray ceiling and looks beautiful in the room.  What a relief!

I think this panto is Drunken Feathers.  It looked pretty nice on the quilt-more noticeable in the white of the quilt and helps make the quilting look a little bit more traditional.

I am way behind in Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt, Allietare.  I am only part way done with part 4 and part 5 came out last night.  I am making my quilt larger than hers, so I am making 25% more pieces than she tells us to make.  I did something like this for another one of her mystery quilts that was smaller than I would like and it turned out almost perfect.  I am hoping for the same this time.  I also stepped out of my box and changed up my colors.  The only one that is the same is the neutral.  I love seeing other peoples' quilts when they do this and hope I am happy with the end quilt.

Then I decided that I really like the original colors of the mystery quilt.  I am also making a smaller version in the original red, gray, black and gold.  This one won't be scrappy though.  I just didn't have the time to do two scrappy mystery quilts.  It is amazing how much quicker it is so use yardage to make a quilt.  I didn't get to part 4 for this quilt yet.  I was hoping to get caught up this weekend.  That may not happen though with baby sitting.  I think I am on the maybe list for this weekend.  My daughter's mother in law was scheduled to babysit Sunday, but she may not be able to.  I am still waiting to hear about that.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful New Year!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What I have been up to

I have not blogged for months.  I have another blog for my quilt club that I do monthly, but I have really been neglecting my personal blog.  So here is just a brief recap of the last few months.

I finally finished my Grand Illusion quilt.  I wanted to finish this before the next mystery begins.  I am gifting this and hope the recipient likes it as much as I do.

I am working on a quilt for my hubby too.  I want to finish that and make one more quilt before the mystery begins.  

I probably shouldn't include this picture-sorry.  I made this little table topper for my neighbor who had surgery.  She was gracious and allowed me to take a picture of her with it.
 I knit my grandson Brady a Sack Boy.  I never heard of him before, so Brady drew a picture of him and I found a pattern to make him.  Brady picked out the blue eyes for him.  My first knit doll.

My aunt visited my mother (her sister) after not seeing each other for 25 years.  I just love this picture of them and want to print it out for my mother.

My newest addition to my herd.  A coral sewing machine.  I want to put it somewhere, but I am not sure where yet.  It sews ok-it's not like a vintage singer though.  I don't know if it needs a little more work or not.  It was just too pretty not to buy.  I also got a treadle this summer.  I got a Singer Red Eye.  Treadling isn't as easy as it looks!  I need to find time to practice that.

My quilt club makes a quilt for Special Olympics to raffle off every year.  This year we made a bargello-our first bargello.

Make a Wish threw a princess birthday party for my grandson Oliver.  He was so excited and delighted with the party.  There were princesses, clowns and a magician with rabbits.

This is Micah.  He is the newest addition to the family.  He was born in August, so will celebrate an August birthday with two of his cousins and two of his siblings.  I shouldn't put this picture in either-sorry to me.

I got to sew outside a little bit this past summer.  What a wonderfully relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Sarah wanted matching quilts for Micah and Josiah since they will be sharing a room.  The theme of their bedroom is pirates.  I found these really cute panels by Riley Blake and designed a border for them.

One of Sarah's friends lost her mother to breast cancer and asked me to make her a memory quilt with some of her shirts.  This is what I came up with.

Lucy got a sister for her birthday this year.  This is Chin.  They love each other.

In quilt club we are working on a round robin quilt.  This is mine.  Everyone has designed one of the rounds.  My round is the triangles that set the quilt on angle.  The 5th round is going to be applique, I was told.

This is AJ and his mom Tiffany.  I think he was about three
 months old here.

This is Micah in his Halloween costume that I made for him.  I made Madison a Princess Leia costume.  Josiah is going to be Yoda and Elijah will be Luke Skywalker.  I think dad is going to be Darth Vader.  I think mom is going to be Luke's mother and Teddy is going to be an Ewok.

I have been gardening, knitting and canning.  I canned tomatoes, pears, relish, pickles, applesauce and pear sauce and apple pie filling.  I knit the baby a hat and socks, socks for me and now I am working on sweater jackets for the three littlest grandsons.  I have been busy babysitting my grand kids and my mother.  I know when I am finally, if ever, able to retire, my days will be full.

I just realized that it has been a year since I wrote a blog post.  I thought it was just a few months.  I guess I will have to try to do at least a monthly post from now on.  So much happens and time goes by so quickly.  I want something to help me remember.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October 2014

 I don't know why I don't keep up to date on my little blog.  I think I am going to make sure I update monthly and before you know it many months have gone by.

This is the Fire Escape quilt I made for Lacey for her college graduation.  She earned her Bachelor's in Criminal Justice (I think that is what it is.)
 Here she is with her dad in front of the quilt.  This is my July finish.

 This is a Snake Charmer quilt I made for my grand nephew who made his entrance early.  He was due in August and I thought I had plenty of time to make him a quilt.  Brody arrived almost a month early.
Oliver turned six this year.  He has Alexander's disease and continues to do well.  He is such a sweet little boy.  We don't get to see him often due to his parents schedules and are very thankful for the times we do get to spend with him.  We had a little party for him with his cousins.
 I liked how the Fire Escape quilt turned out for Lacey so I thought I would make Oliver one too.  He likes Sophia the First, but I wanted to make the quilt a little more masculine for him, so I added a lot of blue.  I think it worked.  He wasn't too impressed with the quilt though. This is my August finish.
 I started a new job in March this year.  Since I work from home, I don't really know any of the people I work with.  They had a company picnic at the Harrisburg Center Island park, where we watched the Senators lose a ball game.  Anyway, I met a coworker who was getting ready to begin Chemo treatment for breast cancer,  She is a young woman, which makes this even sadder.  I made her a breast cancer quilt for support and comfort.  She told me she received it when she was having a rough day and that it was the perfect time for her to get it.  This is my September finish.
 I have another September finish.  Draperies.  When we moved in to our house, I just put these up until I found something that I liked for our living room.  I have been looking for draperies or fabric for over nine years.  I finally stumbled across some fabric that I thought would work, so bit the bullet and ordered it online.  Fortunately it matched my walls very well.
My walls are more of a butter yellow-not as deep or bright as they look in these pictures.

Once again-the yellow is a soft yellow.  It's very difficult for me to get the true color for this.  I used a tutorial on the internet for tab back curtain panels.  They are lined  and turned out pretty nice.

This is a baby quilt I made for Ashley.  She is expecting her little girl at Christmas.  Her nursery color scheme is navy, coral and gray with a touch of mint green.  I made drapery panels for her in navy with white dots-like the ones I made for my living room.  I also made her an adjustable crib skirt with a cute coral print and some of the navy fabric from the drapes.  She is supposed to send me a picture of them when they are all put together in the nursery.
This is the back of the quilt.  I didn't know how to put that mint on the front, so I added a little to the back.

Does anyone else have problems with the formatting of blogger?  I tried over and over to get the crib quilt to the side with my text on the other side.  Blogger would either move the location of the picture, switch it with the picture above, or delete it all together.  I always have problems somewhere along the line and then give up.  My computer has Vista on it, so that could be the problem.  I am hoping to upgrade to Windows 10 next year.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Quilting again June 2014

After a long hiatus from quilting, I am finally back!  I just wasn't feeling it.  Then my daughter asked me to make a quilt for her friend who is suffering from Lymphoma.  I started it, then took a week off, then went back to it a little bit at a time, but it is finally finished.  This is the Depression Block that I made the Missouri Star Quilt way.  All of the squares were on the bias.  I think I prefer the way I made this before using the rulers and cutting the half squares from strips, or the normal half square triangle technique.  I don't think time was saved using their technique.  I was trying to find the tutorial to link to it, but was unsuccessful.  

I made this quilt using this tutorial.  I was disappointed with my colors in the photo.  They looked much better, thankfully, in person.  This baby quilt was for new co-workers who just had a baby.  Since I work from home, I didn't even know that they were expecting!

I bought this cute little scooter at a flea market a couple of years ago, just because.  I couldn't find any info about it anywhere.  I decided that I wanted to find a plug for it, so I must have used different search terms this time and discovered that this is a Pottery Barn Kids Vespa Scooter Light.  I still didn't find a plug to use with it.  It has a round port to plug the cord into.  I don't know if I can take it somewhere and just look for a plug to fit or not.  

Well, I have a few hours until I have to babysit again.  I want to straighten up my sewing room and begin working on a quilt I am making for my step daughter.  Lacey just earned her Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice (I think that's what it is.)  I wanted to give her something other than money.  Something that she will remember.  I let her select the colors-yellow and gray.  I think I am going to use the Fire Escape quilt pattern.  I may play around with it on EQ7 first to see if it will work, or maybe I will just dive in and hope for the best!  I had to buy all of the fabric for this because my stash is pretty limited on modern prints.  I don't' want to mess it up and am uncertain if it will look pretty.  I think I better do a mock up in EQ7 after all!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

February 2014

We are having more snow this year than we have had for years.  This is more like the winters I remember.  If it is going to be cold we may as well have snow!  Madison and Elijah were sledding in the yard with their mom.  I was inside with Josiah.  GiGi didn't get up in time to watch the baby.  :(  I missed out on the fun.

But I did get to spend some one on one time with this little one.  Poor baby has eczema.  It is so bad that he has to have socks on his hands to keep them from getting raw when he sucks on them.  You can see some patches of it on his face.  They say this is caused by allergic reactions to vaccinations. 

I finished my Celtic Solstice and finally got it outside for a picture.  I just saw one with a blue outer border.  That made the quilt look so different, more somber, if that is possible with this happy quilt.  This one is going to my nephew and his wife.  I hope they like it!

I had a few blocks left over, since I was just guestimating how many I would need to make mine queen size and not king or lap like Bonnie did.  I say it was about perfect with just these few extras.  I am so grateful that I had extras and not the opposite and needed to make more.