Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day table runner

 I love Jenny Doan!  I have used her tutorials for quite a few of the quilts I made.  She had a recent tutorial that I wanted to try, but had so little time.  I decided to make a table topper instead.  This valentine table topper is made from her Phoebe's flower box.
A love note in the snow from my valentine.  

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Easy Street and other finishes

 February has been a good month for finishes!  I started the snowman quilt in quilt club last month and put the binding on it yesterday!  My granddaughter thought she wanted it, but I think I would like to give it to my mother.  It would help to pull the colors together in her living room.
I made this Koin Keeper yesterday too.  It turned out pretty cute, but it is pretty small for what I carry around.
 Here is my old wallet that I made a few years ago.  I didn't like the way this wallet was made-called for binding that I think really detracted from it.  I tried to make it without all the binding, which helped a little bit, but didn't work out just the way I wanted it to.

I decided that I am going to combine parts from both patterns and make my own that hopefully will fill my needs better.
 I am trying to finish old projects this year.  Here is one that was made years ago.  I think this was one that a different block was given monthly in a quilt magazine.  Everyone in quilt club made them.  Mine was even quilted, just needed to be trimmed and bound.  Finally done.  I will probably give this to a step daughter who has her apartment decorated country style.

Easy Street-Grand Finale!  This quilt just sparkles.  I decided not to make the pieced border.  The quilt is already quite large and I just couldn't decide on a border that I wanted to make for it.  I am glad I went the way I did with it.  The blue border tames all of that green.  Before the border was put on, the green  is all you would see.  Now the other colors are visible too, if that makes any sense.  I used a simple panto to quilt it.  I didn't think anything complex would be worth the work as it wouldn't really show.  I like the way this one shows in the border.

Every time I make a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt it becomes my favorite!

This little guy is Kipper.  My son in law was taking his family to a birthday party and almost hit him with the car.  They picked him up and contacted his owners using the info on his tags.  The owners were in the hospital having a baby and left him outside in a fenced in yard.  It was pretty cold to be outside all day.  He sneaked out of the yard fortunately was picked up by my daughter and son in law.  Since they were going to a party he ended up visiting me while we waited for his family to pick him up.  He enjoyed putting his nose into everything in the house, then rested.  Kind of enjoyed having a dog around, and enjoyed it more giving him back to his grandma.  Kind of like grandkids!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Early February finishes

 My first February finish is "Fourth of July."  This is a Bonnie Hunter pattern. This is going to a couple of cancer survivors at work who will raffle it for Relay for Life.  I made them a quilt last year that helped them get into the top spot for raising money for their respective teams.  I sure hope this one does the same thing.
This is a Valentine's Day table topper.  I made this using the new tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Company-Phoebe's Flower Box.  The fabric was bought for my son and daughter in laws wedding quilt because she wanted pinks and browns.  I couldn't find any lines at the time with those colors until I saw this.  I started sewing blocks together and it was just too girly and over the top for a wedding quilt.  I used some of those blocks to make tote bags, Christmas stockings and this table topper.
I thought I had a Valentine's day table runner that I was going to put out today.  I must have given it away.  I really thought I made two-one for me and one for a gift.
I am not the most organized person in the world.  I am going to have to go through all the places I store these things and get organized so I know what I have and organize them by holiday.