Sunday, March 10, 2013

Early March Finishes

 Thimbleberries' Birdhouse quilt has been languishing in a basket of WIP's for years.  I am really trying to address this issue and I want to finish at least one WIP a month.  This one is very old-I bet  10 years at least.  I couldn't locate any of the bird fabric used in the original quilt, but found this suitable substitute with the bluebirds.  When I made this quilt, I was still just attaching the borders but sewing them on and then cutting.  I am lucky I didn't have more of a mess than I did while quilting it.  I don't know how to "quilt it out" on those wavy borders!  I am so grateful I learned how to put the borders on properly.

 This is Bonnie Hunter's 4th of July pattern.  I enjoyed making it for one of my charity quilts in the red, white and blue.   This one is in fall colors, and the rusts pop out more than my picture shows.  My grandson Oliver's mom had a nephew who died of a rare genetic disease, and this is for the charity they started for him to raise money for a cure for that.  Rock4Dakotah.

 My granddaughter Ryleigh started indoor soccer this year.  I got to go to her first game.  Here is her little brother watching the game from the sidelines.  He is sitting on his dad's lap.  It's funny to see the same expression on just the small part of dad's face and Brady's face.
 And here is Ryleigh in action.  She loved it, unless she missed the ball.  She is just learning, but she thinks she can't make mistakes already at 5.  She broke down when she didn't make a goal and when she was goalie and the other team did make a goal.  Of course she stopped a few goals too, but that didn't compensate for her.  Her coach told her she was supposed to be having fun.  At least she got over the breakdown quickly.  I hope this doesn't hold her back from trying new things.  Her dad was a perfectionist as a child and since he couldn't be perfect wouldn't try things.  Is that a genetic defect?  I had to give myself permission to not be perfect and it is so freeing and I enjoy my hobby so much more now.

I wanted a St. Patrick Day's table topper, so I relied on the same pattern I used for my Christmas toppers.  The second one I didn't have enough fabric to make it as large as the first so I added a border.  That was a little tricky to do after it was put together.  If I would do that again, I would cut the border and sew it to the "block" before constructing the top.  I need to get a different pattern though-I need more variety.