Saturday, July 30, 2011

Prince Charming and other things

I made this Prince Charming quilt using Fairy Face Designs tutorial for the Picture Box Quilt.   It was going to be a baby quilt, but didn't look very babyish.  It is kind of big for a baby, but a great size for a toddler.  That's ok because my husband, daughter and I all love and want this quilt!  The pictures don't do this lovely fabric justice.  I really need to get a good camera.  I quilted it with the panto Drip.  That was perfect for this.

Here is my pink sewing machine.  I thought it was a White but it is a Morse.  I don't know a lot about Morse's but it seems like a really nice machine.  I have too many vintage machines, and this one might go up on the auction block after it is cleaned up and tested.

And finally here is my grandson Elijah.  At Bible Camp the theme was Western, and they had a couple of Hobby Horses.  Elijah loved playing with them, so his mom found a tutorial on how to make them and asked if I would make one for Elijah.  The horse turned out pretty cute.  I would make it differently if I were to make more.  His little sister would like one and his cousins may too when they see this horse, so that is probably in my future.  Elijah named his horse Elijah the horse.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

More flowers and totes

The lilies are prettier this year than they have ever been.  I just love them.  It is too difficult to choose a favorite flower as they are all so beautiful.  

This is the first year the lace cap hydrangeas put on a show for me.  I have three of these and the other two get too much sun.  They protest by not flowering.
This is the latest bow tie tote.  They looks cuter in person.  This one is for my wonderful daughter who appreciates everything I make for her.  I wanted to trade my older one for this one, just for a change, but that didn't happen!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Breast Cancer Quilt

I made this breast cancer quilt for my grandkids other grandmother.  She is going through her second round of chemo after being diagnosed seven years ago.  She has such a positive attitude-hoping for another seven years of remission.  I am praying that this round is the cure for her.  Like most mothers, she has devoted her life to her kids.   I wanted to give her something to help make her feel loved and appreciated.  If you feel so inclined, please say a prayer for her.

The flowers are still pretty in the yard despite the lack of regular rain.  Daisies, hydrangeas, phlox, cone-flowers and daylillies to name a few.  I forget to take pictures of the flowers and need to take some.  I have some pretty lace cap hydrangeas and pink daylillies that were at their peak a few days ago.  Now where did I put that camera?