Wednesday, April 10, 2013

No quilting but projects made

Grand baby number 9 is going to have some cloth shoes when he gets here at the end of the summer.  I used this tutorial to make these.  The tutorial was great and they turned out pretty cute.  

Another not so fun project was making cushions for our outdoor furniture.  The sun and heat took its toll on the old cushions and we could not find replacements.  I didn't even think that would be a problem when we bought the furniture.  The curved back is what does it.  They are pretty large too.  The inside cushion is not really a cushion, but heavy polyester batting like pieces (3) that give it the rounded shape.  When I tried to stuff them back in the cushion, I couldn't get them in like they were initially.  I also had trouble doing that tufting in the center of the back.  I think I took on more than  I can handle.  If I ever buy new furniture it will be be simple shapes without tufting in case I ever decide to do this again, or more likely, it will be easier to find replacement cushions.  I have two done and have two to go, plus two foot stools if I have enough fabric.

Now this project was more like it!  I found some cute fabric on sale at Joann's and decided to buy it to make   the granddaughters dresses.  I couldn't decide on a pattern and found this pattern in my stash that I bought a long time ago at a yard sale.  They turned out pretty cute, but I think they need something.  I pinned a tutorial on how to make a fabric flower and may make one to add to them.  I think the next dress will be a little bit simpler-I found a cute tutorial on line that I want to try.  This is by Little Blue Boo.  What do you think?

I should have pressed this to make it look nice, but it is gone now.  I won this panel and knew that I wanted to try the self binding tutorial by  The Missouri Star Quilt Company with it.  My panel was a rectangle instead of a square, so I had to work with the angles a little bit, but it turned out ok.  It looks better in person-you'll have to take my word on that!

And here are some of the cuties that I sew for.  I had a sleepover for four of the grands.  That little angel in the corner is just pretending to be sleeping and I had to bring her to bed with me.  She was so wound up.  What about that flash?  The room was dark as they were watching a movie.  Well, Elijah was watching a movie.  They were bouncing on the bed, having a pillow fight, laughing and giggling and just having a good time.  I hope they have fond memories of spending time with Grandma!