Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Camera bag

This is the camera bag I made from Kay Whitt's Media Frenzy Book.  It was a little bit tricky to make.  I was making two at a time, so when I cut fabric wrong for one of them, it was wrong for both.  After I found out that I had to make the lid larger than the pattern called for, I decided to finish just one at a time.  I added notes as I went along, so if I make it again, hopefully that will help me.

 The interior is a little bit confusing.  I am not sure where the camera goes and the compartment for the lenses doesn't seem large enough.
This bag is a gift for my daughter's friend.  Since I don't have a good camera and she does, maybe she can shed some light on this.
My sewingmachine does not have a free arm (Janome 6600.)  That is really necessary to make this bag.  I have an older machine that I switched over to when I needed a free arm.  I am so grateful I didn't get rid of that.
I am not real motivated to finish the other camera bag now (which is why I was doing them two at a time.)  I have quite a few other projects I want to get into more, so I am going to have to finish this before I get back into working on the others.

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