Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Another Breast Cancer Quilt

This is the second breast cancer quilt I made this year.  This is for my daughter-in-law's cousin, only 28, who has breast cancer.  
 And here is Tara with her quilt!
 Here is Teresa with her quilt too.
 When I should have been working on my Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt, I was making doggie coats.  I made this for Teddy.  He wasn't there to try it on.  I need to make another one for him a little bit bigger.  I didn't realize Lucy was that much smaller than he is.  I hope she stays smaller.
 Here is Lucy modeling her coats.  She looks pretty in pink!
And batik too!

This is Josiah's Christmas stocking made with Kate Spain's In From the Cold.  I thought I took a nicer photo of this, but I didn't.  I took this to send to his mom to see if she liked it.  You can see my work space here-yuck!

I only have a bag to make for Oliver for Christmas.  I achieved my goals for the most part.  I am trying to find time to work on the mystery quilt.  I followed a bloggers suggestion of cutting triangles for clue two instead of using small squares.  Big mistake for me.  The accuracy isn't as good, so I am doing a lot of ripping as I go along.  Of course production has slowed down because of this.  I am making a queen size, so I am making more blocks than her lap quilt and less than the king size.  I hope I guestimated the correct number of pieces pretty close to what I will need.


Lorna McMahon said...

What a stunning quilt! The design and shades of pink are perfect. I adore those doggie coats and their models. Sweet stocking too! You done good!

Jo said...

Both wonderful quilts. What a wonderful heart you have!

nini said...

what can I do to have the pattern for the another breast cancer quilt. I love this so much and I want to make one for my sister. thank

JustPam said...

Nini, this is the Tennessee Waltz quilt pattern. It is just two blocks. I googled and found a tutorial for it here. Good luck and best wishes for your sister.


Karee said...

Beautiful quilts. What a boost it will be everytime that snuggle under it. Love your goodness.