Saturday, November 16, 2013

November 2013

I have not posted for quite a while.  I will forget what quilts I made and what is going on in my life if I don't post soon.  Here is some of what has been keeping me busy over the last few months, obviously not in order of importance!

This is Bonnie Hunter's Pineapple Blossom quilt that I made for a friend who is fight breast cancer.  I really enjoyed making this pattern.  I gave it to Teresa in September.

Madison wanted a princess quilt.  I found the princess fabric at Sauder's and Madison picked out the other fabrics.  She wanted orange, blue, pink and some Easter fabric that I had.  She even helped to make it a little bit.

 This is the back of the princess quilt.  I had to order the other princesses because they "weren't on the quilt" and Madison "really, really likes them."  The back cost more to make than the front!  This was an October finish.
 This is our excitement for the end of Summer this year.  We welcomed Josiah David August 30th.

 Meet Lucy!  My daughter got Peluche (now Teddy) earlier this summer and I fell in love with him.  I told my hubby that I think by Christmas I may be ready for another dog.  That weekend he went to a yardsale and Lucy was for sell.  She is the breeder's last puppy from her last litter.  I went to see Lucy and liked her but just wasn't sure.  Then they said how rambunctious she was.  Teddy is normally pretty calm and laid back.  She was so cute though.  I said yes.  She is delightful and makes me smile.  Not so much today though.  She came in from outside covered in mud.  She has discovered the fun in digging.
 This is Teddy, the boy who started it all.  We have to learn how to groom Shih Tzu's.  I am going to keep Lucy short, but their faces require special treatment that is a little bit tricky.
 Here is smiling Josiah with his mom and big brother.  He is two and half months old and looks like he is trying to crawl already.  Slow down little boy, you have plenty of time to grow up!
I have been watching Ryleigh and Brady after work since this summer too.  It is great to get to know them better.  They are very much into nature and animals.  Here they are taking care of a woolly caterpillar.

 And a picture of Madison.  We saw Oliver once over the summer and his siblings not at all.  I have tried to make contact with their mother, but she has not responded in person.  She has told a few people that she will call me to set up a get together, but that hasn't happened.  We all miss Kamille and Kole and hope they are doing well.


Sharon said...

That's a great pattern, I've made it several times. hoping your friend has a speedy recovery and wins this battle, it's not for sissies!
Very beautiful family, enjoy them!

Ivory Spring said...

Thanks for visiting me, Pam - I appreciate your suggestion for the name for my quilt!

You have been busy - I love that pink quilt!!!!

Congrats on the newest addition to your family.

Susan said...

Wonderful quilts, but the best new production is Joshua! Congratulations.

Jo said...

Amazing quilts! And congratulations

daisymeadow said...

Oh, my granddaughter would love that princess fabric. I might have to look for some. The quilts are beautiful. Congratulations on the sweet little one.