Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 2013

Warm Blessings.  A friend wanted me to make her a quilt.  When I got the email with this quilt pictured in it, I thought of her.  These are her colors.  She fell in love with it, so I ordered the magazine and as soon as I got my Christmas projects finished, I began this quilt.  The directions were great, but wrong.  The designer posted on her blog that they had the layout wrong, so I thought that was it.  After I had all the blocks made and started laying it out, I noticed that the blocks were totally wrong.  The magazine had an addendum about this mistake, but of course I didn't get that.  I know that magazines can have mistakes in them, but this was two major mistakes. I bought the magazine so I could easily make this, save time and money by getting the right amount of    fabric.  It did none of that for me.  I was pretty disappointed with the magazine, but delighted with the quilt.  It is beautiful!

 Here are a couple of more finishes for January.  One was an old quilt that was languishing in my WIP's basket.  The other (on the left) is a baby quilt I made with the extra's from Missouri Quilt Co's Serendipity Quilt.
This is the zig zag quilt that I started at the shore last year.  I finally finished it.  I followed a pattern for the layout, but looking at it all finished, I think I would have laid it out a little bit differently.  It is a little bit off to me.

Now to go work on some more quilts!


Needled Mom said...

It looks terrific though. I know that Wendy had posted about the mistake on her blog, but then to have another is a real shame.

I love the zig zag quilt!!!

Ivory Spring said...

FYI - posted about your quilt on my blog today. :)

Elita en Suisse said...

Warm Blessings is a beautiful quilt! Despite your troubles with the instructions, you've made a wonderful gift. I especially like the tealy blue quilts too. Well done!