Friday, October 19, 2012

Christopher's Miracle Journey

I met a young lad on Facebook via links from friends and family.  Christopher is fighting a rare disease that until recently there was no cure for.   Around Christmas this year he will undergo surgery that they hope will cure him.  I was so touched by this young man and his joyful spirit.  He has a brilliant smile on his face even as he endures painful therapy.

They are conducting fund raisers to help raise money to pay the costs of the surgery that are not covered by insurance.  I cannot go to any of the fundraisers since he lives so far from me.  I decided to do what I could. I made him a quilt.  I told them to do whatever they want to do with it-auction it, raffle it or even just keep it. If they use it to raise money I really hope that it brings in a decent amount.

Without further adieu here is the quilt that I made for him.


LimeRiot said...

The quilt is beautiful but not as lovely as the sentiment. What a wonderful gift for them. I adore the chevron pattern and I'm sure it will be a big money maker, should they decide to auction it.

Jeanne said...

Wow! How kind are you? So very kind! I'm liking you more and more as I read your blog! What a generous thing to do! Bless your heart! Is there any way I can find out where I could send a quilt to help him? I have a few quilts I just finished with no names on them yet and would like to be as generous as you. Please email me any info, if you don't mind. Jeanne