Monday, January 16, 2012

What a difference....!

Here is my Prince Charming quilt.  See previous post about it.  I loved how it turned out and have people waiting on the sidelines for it.  I think I may give it to my "Prince Charming" for his birthday.  The pictures I had just didn't do this fabric justice.  My DH got me a nice little camera for Christmas and what a difference it makes.  It has a setting for vibrant colors that did a great job catching the vibrant colors in these quilts.

 Here is a picture of the quilt with the old camera.  It was just drab.  I admit that I took a picture of it with the new camera without that vibrant setting and it looked about the same.  I love this camera!!!
Here is another bright quilt that the pictures caught the brilliance of the fabric.  This fabric is full of bugs, snakes and lizards.  The pattern is Disappearing 9 Patch.  I love this pattern for quick quilts.  This is for grandson Braydon's 3rd birthday the end of January.   He likes bugs and things, but the backing fabric has cars, trucks and trains, which I think he loves even more.  I showed him a sneak peak while it was on the quilting frame and it made him smile.  It is a very happy quilt!

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